Two-day pass

This is the first and last such possibility! We are starting ticket sales for the PWA Indoor World Cup in Warsaw. The first pool includes two-day passes for Windsurfing at the National Stadium. The price for two days of sports sensation is PLN 130. A pass not only guarantees excitements but also provides a possibility of choosing the best seats in the best sectors of the National Stadium tribunes.

Choose one seat in any sector of the lower tribune for each pass, which will be valid during two days of the event. Upon having chosen the type of the pass, choose one of the sectors available, and then a specified seat which will be assigned to the pass for two days. By choosing "next" you will be transferred to the basket from which you can go to transaction closing or "add more" passes, for which, as previously, you will have to choose a specified seat.

You can buy the tickets at BUY ONLINE

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