Windsurfing FAQ

How can I buy a ticket for Windsurfing at the National Stadium?

Tickets and passes are available at the official online store of the National Stadium at https://sklep.stadionnarodowy.org.pl/ and in cash points located directly at the Stadium. 

While buying online, payment for passes and single tickets is made through PayU. Payment must be made within 12 hours. After this time, booking will be cancelled.

Tickets are also available at groupon.pl in Groupon Fan tab.

What kind of tickets are sold?

A selling process has been planned in such a manner that a client is able to choose the best seats possible in any price category. Passes for 1st and 2nd day, and VIP passes have been made available in the first place. A pool of tickets for single days, including 3rd day, will be made available at the further selling stages.

How much are the tickets?

Detailed information on the ticket prices are available at: http://en.stadionnarodowy.org.pl/our-place/windsurfing-at-the-national-stadium/tickets

Are there any group tickets available? How can I buy them?

Orders for group tickets start from 21 tickets at the minimum. Booking or enquiries are to be sent to: windsurfing@stadionnarodowy.org.pl. We will contact you within three working days in order to arrange the details.

Are there any half-fare tickets?

Half-fare tickets are available for the third day only. The discount is 50%. This discount applies to children and the youth aged up to of 18 with a valid student card, seniors and pensioners.

Are children admitted to the event free of charge?

Children up to the age of 4 are admitted to the event free of charge but there are no seats assigned to them at the tribunes.

Are there any tickets for the disabled on wheelchairs?

The tickets for the disabled on wheelchairs can be ordered by writing to windsurfing@stadionnarodowy.org.pl. A ticket is PLN 20; an accompanying person is admitted to the event free of charge.

What does a VIP pass include?

A VIP pass price includes:
The best seats in the sector No V at the PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup - eliminations (5th September) and finals (6th September)
Access to the hospitality zone at the Business Club - full-board catering, non-alcoholic beverages, beer
Possibility of parking a car in the underground parking lot (free of charge when booking more than four passes)
Meet and Greet with the best windsurfers in the world (1st day)
Afterparty with live music in the VIP zone after the finals (2nd day)

VIP passes are available at the official online store of the National Stadium at https://sklep.stadionnarodowy.org.pl/. Payments for VIP passes may be made through PayU or by traditional transfer to the bank account provided in the e-mail confirming placing of an order. Payments for VIP passes must be made within 7 days. VIP passes will be delivered by a courier to the address provided during the purchase process.

Where can I park a car or a coach?

A parking lot for guests will be located in the external premises of the National Stadium at "Błonie (Grassland)". Parking is charged.

What does PWA mean?

PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) is an organisation associating  the best Windsurfers in the world. PWA competition series is the most prestigious windsurfing event. The PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup at the National Stadium is  part of PWA competition series - points obtained by competitors in this event will be taken into account in the general classification. More information on PWA is available at www.pwaworldtour.com.

Will it be possible to meet the PWA competitors?

A special tour to the competitors’ zone on the field will be organised on the first day. Each guest holding a ticket for the first day will be able to take part in the tour and watch preparations of the competitors for the eliminations.

Guests with VIP tickets will also be able to meet the competitors after the eliminations on the first day.

What activities are planned for the third day?

We plan to use the pool on the third day for other activities and water sports. It will be a family day on which we plan participation of the public. Everyone will have an opportunity to meet the stars of the Polish water sports and take part in some contests, competitions, etc. We provide the schedule of the event below.

Where can I find more information about the infrastructure and details of the event?

More information is available upon writing to windsurfing@stadionnarodowy.org.pl.

Can I return a ticket?

Returning tickets is not possible. It is described in the rules of the online store and the rules of the event.