Windsurfing at the National Stadium

The field of the National Stadium will soon be full of three thousand cubic metres of water, wind gusting to 70 km/h and the best windsurfers in the world.

The Indoor Windsurfing World Cup will be held on 5th, 6th and 7th September this year in Warsaw. This competition is part of the PWA World Tour prestigious series.

A giant pool will be built on the stadium field. It will be 90 m long and 33 m wide. Filling it up with three thousand cubic metres of water will take two days – approx. 50 hours. The empty pool could accommodate eighty trucks, twenty F16 fighters standing one next to another or three space shuttles.

Over 30 enormous fans will be installed along the entire length of one side of the pool. Each of them will have the power comparable to a good quality Harley Davidson. They will generate an artificial wind blowing nearly 70 km/h. This wind will allow the windsurfers gather speed and compete for medals in three categories.

The most spectacular contest is wave & jump: competitors run onto the ramp, jump and perform stunts. The most exciting one is slalom: four surfers race against one another on the field in the shape of the number eight. Yet, the most creative contest is the last one – freestyle: the winner is a competitor who obtains the highest acclaim among jury thanks to his tricks.

The best competitors in the Professional Windsurfers Association ranking will be present at the National Stadium, led by nine-time World Champion Steve Allen from Australia. Polish competitors will be also fighting for points. The PWA intends to grant four wildcards. They all are to go to our representatives. 


Full-fare ticket Half-fare ticket
1st day PLN 50 none
2nd day PLN 50, PLN 60, PLN 80, PLN 100 none
3rd day PLN 40, PLN 50, PLN 60, PLN 70 PLN 20, PLN 25, PLN 30, PLN 35
Passs for 1st and 2nd day PLN 130 SOLD OUT

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