Disabled access

The National Stadium in Warsaw Team ensures accessibility for all guests and does its utmost to continually improve accessibility for the disabled. Appropriate preparation and markings of access routes for the disabled, information on the website on the daily operations of the Stadium and accessibility during all stadium events, audio description for the visually impaired, dedicated volunteers who will provide information and assistance, adopted infrastructure - all to bring us closer disabled fans, spectators and guests visiting the National Stadium.

Disabled access to the venue is possible by car or public transport.

Tours of the National Stadium

Tours start by the National Stadium Main Reception. Access to the reception is from Al. Zielenieckie gate No. 1 (see Stadium access routes under the day to day operations mode).


Visitors holding disability certificates and their accompanying person are entitled to half fare tickets.

Tour prices

All tour routes and the Lookout Point are accessible to the disabled including wheelchair access.

Car parks

During all stadium events as well as during normal day to day routine disabled parking will be provided in the outdoor and/or underground car parks.

Arrangements concerning the infrastructure

  • gate no. 1 dedicated as the main entrance with disabled access to the National Stadium - and then entrance through the so called "tunel Królaka" and use of lifts to access levels 0 or -1.
  • access ramps for wheelchairs by gates 2 and 11. Are used in the day to day use of the unit and alternatively during mass events (picnics or other outdoor events at the stadium).
  • lifts - adapted to wheelchair access to all main facilities of the National Stadium.
  • food stands (kiosks) - during all stadium events the food kiosks are in use, with facilities like a lowered counter to provide access for wheelchair users. The disabled have priority access to lowered counters.
  • toilets - disabled toilets, including 12 on level 0 (lower promenade) with ones dedicated to wheelchair users.
  • the lower stands include 111 places for wheelchairs. They are uniformly distributed within the scope of the main promenade and the following allocation"
  • Business Club zone - 19 places,
  • Gallery zone - 12 places,
  • sectors past stiles - 80 places.
  • each disabled place includes a chair for an accompanying person (carer).

Services dedicated for the disabled

Volunteer service:
The disabled may always count on support from stewards and volunteers. To ensure an even higher standard of disabled services, volunteers dedicated solely to support the disabled during events have been designated.

Stadium audio description:
Commentary for the blind and visually impaired as well as all those curious to listen to additional commentary! During selected all stadium events an opportunity to
use the audio description service, or a verbal description of the visual scenes for the blind and visually impaired.