Our Place

We want the "PGE Narodowy" Stadium to be open and accessible to all. We want you to be here as often as possible and to be able to provide something for everyone. We want all of us to feel at home here. We are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (in summer 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.).

We regularly introduce new attractions for visitors to the "PGE Narodowy" Stadium. These are the most prominent:

  • A Municipal Park: throughout the summer you are encouraged to visit art installations: dancing stage, hammocks, a balance beam, skipping ropes, water curtains as well as a service station for bicycles, roller blades and skate boards plus free phone battery charging at tour reception.
  • A new, wider selection of tours: With you in mind we doubled the number of tours and we've introduced five new routes - The Lookout Spot, Historic Route, Footballers Route, Chic Route as well as the Likeable Famous or in other words sight seeing in the company of extraordinary people associated with football.
Read more: www.stadionnarodowy.org.pl/our-place/visiting-the-stadium

  • Family food: a special treat awaits those visiting the Stadium on Sunday - family culinary get togethers within the exclusive interiors of the Business Club. This is a one and only opportunity to have a meal looking over the Stadium's panorama, with a guaranteed parking place, fun activities for children and a chance to take part in a tour.