Roger Waters at the National Stadium in Warsaw

The triumphant return to Europe in 2013 with his extraordinary aural and visual masterpiece`The Wall`.

Depeche Mode at National Stadium in July

So far Depeche Mode has performed in Poland five times. The first time they visited us was in 1985; now, 28 years later, a sixth concert is looming on the horizon.

Warsaw Book Fair at the National Stadium

The Warsaw Book Fair, so far associated with the Palace of Culture and Science, is changing its location. The fourth edition of the event will be held 16th-19th May 2013 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Exhibitors and visitors will have access to twice as much space as before.

Depeche Mode announce their World tour

Depeche Mode, the group that gave a new definition to the sound of music, will kick off a grand, exciting tour around Europe in the summer of 2013. It will be one of the most important musical events of the upcoming year.

Poland ties with England in what could be called a good game

The National Stadium in Warsaw once again has proved lucky for the Polish team, who have never, so far, lost a game here. This was again the case: the Poles managed to tie with the stronger English team, 1:1.

A National Sports Centre announcement

In view of the emerging contradictory information in the media regarding the possibility of operating the roof of the National Stadium in Warsaw, we present below a section from the internal retractable roof’s manual. This manual is part of the documentation created as the Stadium was being built and was developed by Cimolai Technology. According to the manual it is not possible to start the roof’s drive system during rainfall.

Into battle the white and red!

Have we any chance of beating the English? Will the Polish national team surprise its fans? Everything will be settled today.

Poland vs. England match - important information for supporters

The match will begin at 9:00 p.m. The gates of the National Stadium in Warsaw will be open for supporters from 6:00 p.m. To avoid traffic jams and queues the organizers want to encourage fans to arrive at the Stadium earlier, even as early as three hours before the game, and by public transportation means.

The Poland - England match - a little bit of history

The 1973 Wembley match has become a part of football legend – for both Poles and Brits. For the Poles it paved the road to their greatest footballing achievement: third place in 1974 World Cup. For the English? They were eliminated.

Polish victory at the National Stadium

This game will go down in history. Not because of the score it ended with, or the style in which it was played. We will remember it because it was the first game that the Polish team managed to win in the National Stadium in Warsaw. All previous games ended with a draw.